Hiring Your First Employee As A Solo Entrepreneur - What You Should Know

Season #1

Ever wondered about the true cost of bringing a W2 employee into your biz? 🧐 It's not just a paycheck thing! 💰 I asked all those nitty gritty 💼 questions to my accountant and shared everything I learned in this podcast episode! Brace yourselves for some eye-openers ⚡ as we explore the investment adventure of hiring your first employee! 👥   Want to know if you have the systems and structures in place to train your new hire efficiently?  Let's have a chat! https://www.DiamondDripConsulting.com/ 💙 Gusto https://gusto.com/resources/calculators/employer-tax-calculator 💙 Paycheck calculator https://www.paycheckcity.com/calculator/