How Tapping Into Monumental M.O.D.E. Helped Me Take Goal Setting To The Next Level

Season #1

πŸ™Œ Have you ever tapped into monumental M.O.D.E? πŸ€” In this episode, I'm sharing how this incredible concept has taken my #GoalSetting to the next level! πŸ“– Inspired by Dr. Que Parnell's amazing 90-day workbook This episode will give you new insights to help to hit your goals faster! As a fun side note πŸ€— The correction/difference you hear πŸ˜‚ is purposeful! I needed to clearly say TOUR versus the AI-assisted voice-enhanced version of that word that was...well a little less clear with the "T" 🀣 Hey, I’m Diamond with Diamond Drip Consulting. I work with Coaches and Healers in the health and wellness industry. I teach them how to cultivate the skill of speaking to gain visibility because this is the best way to get their business message and mission out there. From there I empower them with the tools and the knowledge to embrace the power of automation and establish systems within their business so they can save time, money, and energy. Which creates room for more joy, and ultimately creates the time and financial freedom they envisioned when starting their business

I host free events where they can up-level their business strategy and learn how to make more room for self-care. I do a monthly mastermind session where they get to jam with me and other entrepreneurs going through the same struggles and leave with solutions and action steps.