What Defines Us Is How Well We Rise After Falling - Forgetting Words on Stage

Season #1

💭 Could you get up on a stage and talk about your business for 8 minutes? 📝 Would you memorize a script or talking points? 👀 Would you "wing it" and try to speak from the heart? All of these were questions I had to ask myself once I was chosen for LET ğŸŽ¤ 👣 Once I settled on my course of action, memorization, I went to work! ❣️ My goal was to say the words at least three times a day ...That way, the words would become a part of me 💥 Imagine my surprise at rehearsal, when a couple of things switched 🥴 And my brain went HAYWIRE Tune into this week's Diamond Drip's Discussions Podcast episode to learn how I coped ğŸŽ§ Have you joined my FREE community to stay in the know about my online workshops? https://tinyurl.com/EventsWithDiamond 💙